Border Report: Returning Home

Returning Home: How U.S. Government Practices undermine Civil Rights at our nation's doorsteps (Special report-photos taken for Asian Law

The Returning Home report also features first hand accounts of individuals ranging from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to therapists counseling impoverished mentally ill patients; all of whom experienced unjust racial profiling at the U.S. border. The report has gained the support of members of Congress, among them Rep. Michael Honda, chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus. He says of the report:  ”Having spent part of my childhood in a Japanese American internment camp during World War II, I know from personal experience why we must protect the civil liberties of everyone in our country especially during times of threat and war. Even as over half a century has passed since that shameful internment of Japanese Americans, racial profiling today is still rampant particularly against ethnic minorities at our nation’s borders and airports. I commend the Asian Law Caucus for issuing this important report, and look forward to continuing our work together to combat racial profiling at a national level.”

These photos are of people who were profiled, detained, interrogated at the U.S. border. Asian Law Caucus represented them in speaking out against their unjust racial profiling at the U.S. border.


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